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Whether you are looking for teaching, leadership or support jobs, United Learning offers unrivalled opportunities across the country for your career development and can offer more to both staff and young people than any single school could offer alone.

Our mission is to bring out ‘the best in everyone’ – we recognise that only in so far as we can attract, retain and develop outstanding people will we be an outstanding provider of schools and education.

Whether you wish to work in the North or South, East or West, in a picturesque rural community or a bustling metropolis, or within an independent or a maintained school, we are likely to have an opportunity that’s of interest to you.

Please either search by vacancy type from the main menu, or click on the map below to view the opportunities available across our schools by region:

The growing range of outstanding group-wide support that we provide means that our staff have truly exceptional and inspiring experiences, as do our 30,000 young people. Members of our team are happy to say as much – see “Why we work for United Learning”. In addition to our competitive benefits package, we will make it a priority to provide you with excellent professional support and development, so that every child receives an excellent experience: we will ensure that you are supported and developed to succeed.