The trailblazing student at Sheffield Springs Academy

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The trailblazing student at Sheffield Springs Academy

United Learning’s annual Best in Everyone Awards recognises the talents, achievements and dedication of pupils and staff across over 80 schools across the country. In this series of blog posts, we put the spotlight on some of our worthy winners.

One of the key tenets of United Learning’s Framework For Excellence (which informs everything we do) is ‘Leadership in every role’. Oliver at Sheffield Springs Academy is a prime example of this. According to his teachers, Oliver is “a trailblazer in leadership”. Currently a Year 11 student at Sheffield Springs Academy, he has made a positive impact on the school with his unwavering commitment to improving the school community. In June 2019, Oliver was awarded the ‘Leadership and Service’ at United Learning’s Best in Everyone Awards.

Oliver’s capacity for leadership became evident to his teachers with the launch of the School Council, being one of the first to express interest in participation. Oliver has gained his peers’ confidence in his ability to represent them, particularly appreciating his attention to detail and non-judgemental attitude.

In just his second year with Sheffield Springs, Oliver displayed keen leadership qualities when he started the school’s first debate club. He made posters to advertise for members and soon after, the team were ready to compete. Since then the team has successfully represented the Academy in three debate competitions.

Oliver participates in the ‘Better Learners Better Workers’ programme, which aims to provide Year 9 and Year 10 students with skills that will increase workplace success. This was fuelled by his motivation to meet students from other schools, improve his confidence and work on team projects. Despite the Sheffield Springs team facing logistical challenges, Oliver encouraged positivity amongst his peers and was able to quickly adapt to change, showing that he is a real leader in the making. After successfully leading the Sheffield Springs team through several high-profile tasks and events, Oliver said: “It took a while to get it right, but I kept going”.

Oliver’s teachers describe him as “a pioneer of social change and a fantastic role model to all students and young people”. We’re inspired by Oliver’s relentless determination to improve his community, and look forward to seeing his future achievements.


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