Embley’s worthy Religious Studies Award winner

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Embley’s worthy Religious Studies Award winner

United Learning’s annual Best in Everyone Awards recognises the talents, achievements and dedication of pupils and staff across over 80 schools across the country. In this series of blog posts, we put the spotlight on some of our winners.

With over 500 nominations in 2019, United Learning’s Best in Everyone Awards are highly coveted. Rushton, a student at Embley, proved a worthy winner of the Religious Studies Award thanks to his exceptional individual classwork, as well as an outstanding and sustained contribution to whole-school initiatives.

Rushton excels in Philosophy and Religion, consistently producing work to a grade 9 standard. His ability to independently link different concepts and explore the implications of differing views puts him at a level that is usually only seen in GCSE students. Rushton is a very generous student and does not hesitate to assist others around him. He has often been often found supporting English as a Second Language students with accessing the content of lessons and drawing them into discussion.

As a founding member of the Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) society, Rushton took a lead role in designing and delivering a PPE Conference with Year 6 pupils to encourage and increase learning engagement. Rushton has also worked to recruit new members as well as designing a questionnaire to ask young people about their views on the environment and behaviour change.

Rushton worked in a team with his peers to collect and make ecobricks for an aligned community arts project that raises awareness of the issues of plastic. This has involved designing posters, making weekly collections and presenting to staff at Embley.

Rushton’s teachers said: “Rushton perfectly embodies the concept of critical active citizenship.”

We’re inspired by Rushton’s commitment to the local and global community, and we wish him all the best in his future studies.

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