Case study: Rebecca Glover

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Case study: Rebecca Glover

I have been working in education for the last 27 years, starting my career as a Geography and PE Teacher. I then moved to Head of Department, before becoming a Director of Sixth Form. Thereafter I became Assistant Head, Deputy Head at Tadcaster Grammar School.

I joined United Learning when I took on the post of Head of Hull Collegiate School, a position I held for four years. I was appointed Principal of Surbiton High School in January 2018, and am thoroughly enjoying this new challenge.

Taking the position at Surbiton High School has been my most notable development opportunity within United Learning. However, there was continual growth and development throughout my time at Hull and I know that there will be further opportunities for me to focus on CPD at Surbiton. There are always areas to explore and elements of a role with which you wish to familiarise yourself with further, and United Learning offers ample support for staff to do so.

Even before joining United Learning, I was aware of the excellent reputation of Surbiton High School, and it was appealing to join a school already so well established, in order that we could focus on innovation and being creative as we look to develop further. Remaining within United Learning was also important to me. I have very much enjoyed being part of the Group and wanted to maintain my place within it.

My first term at Surbiton High School has been an excellent opportunity for me to familiarise myself with its staff, parents and pupils. Surbiton High School has a fantastic energy and sense of community, and staff have a true passion for what they do and care deeply for the students in their care. The School functions very well, having had excellent systems put in place for its management, and so I have had the chance to really get to know individual members of staff. Walking around the School, it is clear that the pupils are receiving an excellent education and have a thirst for learning.

I look forward to continuing my relationship with United Learning and relish being part of an organisation that is leading the way in education and has such a clear vision. For now, my focus is on making the very best of my role at Surbiton. There are always areas for development, and I am excited now to start moving the School forward in innovative ways. There is much to achieve here and many possibilities to develop and evolve within the United Learning.

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